This is the third contribution in the series Thesis Pieces featured on For the Desk Drawer written by my past and present doctoral students. This contribution from Ertan Erol focuses on Henri Lefebvre’s notion of autogestion, related to forms of struggle for spaces of difference, alongside the expansion of capitalist space in Mexico and Turkey.

In my recently completed PhD (2012), I focused on particular processes of neoliberal re-territorialisation and peripheral capitalist spatiality. Specifically, I analysed the intensification and expansion of capitalist space in Mexico and Turkey in the form of regional integration projects. In that sense, Mexico’s major regional integration project known as Plan Puebla Panamá/Proyecto Mesoamérica and Turkey’s major regional economic development efforts in the Black Sea and Trans Caucasus areas were located and analysed within the wider processes of neoliberal restructuring in the periphery. It is important to recognise, though, that these neoliberal re-territorialisations are complex and dialectical processes that unfold on different social scales and include various social actors resisting on different levels and across different socio-spatial forms. Hence, in a focus on the regional expansion of neoliberal re-territorialisation in the periphery attention must also be cast towards the main social responses and forms of resistance offering alternative projects to neoliberal restructuring.

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