With this short squib on the forthcoming workshop ‘Questioning the Utopian Springs of Market Economy’ (15-16 August 2014), to be held at the University of Sydney on Karl Polanyi and Friedrich Hayek, I am happy to announce the final programme for the event. Registrations are also still open for anybody wanting to attend and for those that may still need to register but have left it late! Registrations can be processed HERE. At that link you will find further details on the workshop theme; conference registration; the draft programme; dinner arrangements; and a section ‘around the workshop’ covering accommodation, visa information for international travellers to Australia, local travel, and child care facilities.

There are three plenaries for the event. In the order of the programme, the presenters and paper titles are:

  1. Sandra Halperin (Royal Holloway, University of London), ‘Polanyi’s Two Transformations Revisited: A “Horizontal” Perspective’;
  2. Philip Mirowski (University of Notre Dame), ‘Polanyi vs Hayek?’; and
  3. Gareth Dale (Brunel University), ‘The Perils of Social Integration’

The hope is that people will take this final opportunity to register in advance as take up for the workshop proceeds apace and availability for the conference dinner is limited. We are now just a little over two weeks away from the workshop. The event will be truly interdisciplinary with papers and plenaries addressing at times both Polanyi and Hayek, or adopting a focus on one specific figure all related to issues as diverse as finance; the ‘embeddedness’ of neoliberalism; migration; the environment; the battle of ideas; the ‘self-regulating’ market; utopian visions; and the great transformations shaping the geographies and political economies of capitalist development.

The workshop therefore reaches across political economy, sociology, anthropology, international theory, political theory,geography, economic history and political science.

All welcome!

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