Given that we are halfway through the calendar year a look back through the blog posts on For the Desk Drawer (FtDD) for 2014, so far, provided an interesting glimpse into what’s hot and what’s not form a reader’s perspective. This is the ‘top ten’ for the year to date with some interesting pointers. Blog posts on Rosa Luxemburg, Antonio Gramsci, Henri Lefebvre and F. A. Hayek have proved popular. What interesting company that group would have made. My re-location to the University of Sydney provoked my own interest and that of others in the book Radical Sydney, which is a must read for anybody visiting the city for the first time or again. The important developments coming out of Chiapas, Mexico and reflected in the statements from the Zapatistas and the ‘bow’ of subcomandante Marcos led to a lot of attention. But top spot that continues to attract attention was taken by debates across political economy, geographical studies, historical sociology, and international studies on the concept and condition of passive revolution. Many thanks for reading and here’s looking forward to the next six months of activity on FtDD!

1) ‘Deflected Passive Revolution’ (June 1)

2) ‘Spaces of Capital and Rosa Luxemburg’ (January 20) [written with Andreas Bieler]

3) ‘A Hotel Gramsci?’ (April 11)

4) ‘The Limits of Sociological Marxism?’ (January 27)

5)  ‘Subcomandante Marcos Dies, Galeano Lives, the Zapatistas Continue’ (May 28) [written with Chris Hesketh]

6) ‘What the heck’s going on with Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom?’ (March 3)

7) ‘The Geopolitics of Global Capitalism and the Transnational State’ (January 13) [written with Andreas Bieler]

8) ‘The Survival of Henri Lefebvre’ (April 27)

9) ‘The Spatial Resources of Radical Sydney’ (April 9)

10) ‘E.H. Carr and F.A. Hayek: the road to international order’ (June 9).


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